Copenhagen University
Faculty of Natural Sciences
CU Master Students 2010
Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
Block 3, group B on Tuesdays and Fridays
Lecture room:
Tuesdays: Aud. 02, HCØ
Fridays: Little UP1, DIKU

pdatet: 24-02-2014

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Course & teaching materials

Textbook: Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2008.

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Hand outs & slides
Course Manual 2010
Lecture plan 2010
Business Plan Samples from MootCorp NP competition, USA
Business Plan Template (Dorte Wiene)
Business Plan Template John Heebøll)

Business plan samples

Lectures: hand-outs and spreadsheet models

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1. Lecture: Introduction to the course
The importance of entrepreneurship
<Click here>

The Venture Cup Competition 2010
<Click here>

Tha student business incubator Katapult:
<Click here>

2. Lecture: The entrepreneur
The entrepreneurial working life
Success and non-success in business start-up
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3. Lecture: opportunity-driven creativity
<Click here>

4. Lecture: Business planing
<Click here>

5. Lecture: Business law
<Click here>

6. Lecture A: Budgeting
<Click here>

Budget model: <Click here>

Budget example: The waterbike <Click here>

6. Lecture B: Market research-analysis-planning
<Click here>

Working with Michael Porter's Five Forces
Assessing the Balance of Power in a Business situation
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7. Lecture: Financing-high tech high-growth ventures
<Click here>

Consequences of the new Tax Law and the new Company Law
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8. Lecture: Financing-high tech high-growth ventures
CONNECT DENMARK on Private capital in Denmark
<Click here>
SEED Capital Denmark on Venture Investments in Reality
<Click here>
VÆKSTFONDEN on the State of the Danish Venture Capital Ecosystem
<Click here>

9. Lecture: Patents and IPR
<Click here>

10. Lecture: Management
<Click here>

11. Lecture: Sales & Marketing
<Click here>
EXPORTS: links
<Click here>
EXPORTS: standards in shipping:
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12. Lecture: The ByBasket presentation:
Business Plan: <Click here>
Presentation:<Click here>

Rounding up the Course
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On exams:
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