Course 42435
Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
DTU Master Students Spring 2012
Building 306 room 32, Mondays from 01:00 pm.
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Important deadlines and milestones:

Kick-off:                        Team fully operational.                Week   6         6 February
1. milestone:                 Product /business concept OK    Week 10             5 March
2. milestone                   Market research finalised           Week 13            30 March
Project deadline:           Business plan completed            Week 20              16 May 

Deadline for submitting business plan:        Wednesday 16 May 2012 bf. 12.00 noon.

Exams:                                                              23, 24, and 25 May 2012 from 08 am.

Course - & teaching-materials

Textbook: Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2011.
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Downloadable items:

Essential links:

Hand outs & slides
Will appear as needed and/or available

Coaching in 42435 - Dorte Wiene

Katapult Proof of Concept Financing

Venture cup 2012

Slides, 1. lecture. Introduction

Slides 2. Opportunity driven Creativity

Business Planning. Dorte Wiene February 2012

An entrepreneurial journey. Andrew Dahl

Slides 4. Lecture. Entrepreneurial Experiences

Slides 5. Lecture. Business Law

Slides 6. Lecture. Budgetting

Budget model

Slides 7. Lecture. Financing

Equity financing model



Slides 8. Lecture A. Market Analysis

Slides 8. Lecture B. sales & Marketing

Slides 9. Lecture: Intellectual property Rights

Slides 10. Lecture. Management

Development Invest ApS

Slides 11. Lecture: CASES 2012

Slides 12. Lecture. Rounding up 42435

Slides 12. lecture. Exams information


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