Course 42435
Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
DTU Master Students Spring 2011
pdatet: 24-02-2014

Lectures on  Mondays 01:00 pm.
Location - building 306, room 32

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Important deadlines and milestones:

Kick-off:                        Team fully operational.                Week   6       11 February
1. milestone:                 Product /business concept OK    Week 10           11 March
2. milestone                   Market research finalised           Week 13                1 April
Project deadline:           Business plan completed            Week 19              13 may 

Deadline for submitting business plan:        Thursday 19 May 2011 bf. 12.00 noon.

Exams:                                                            25, 26, and 27 May 2011 from 08 am.

Course - & teaching-materials

Textbook: Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2008. Buy it online: click here

Downloadable items:


Essential links:

Hand outs & slides
Will appear as needed and/or available

Slides, 1. lecture. Introduction

The Venture Cup Competition

Stardust DTU

Slides 2. lecture. Experiences

3. Lecture. Business Planning - Dorte Wiene

Slides 4. Lecture: opportunity-driven Creativity

Slides 5. Lecture. Business law

Slides 6. Lecture. Budgetting

Slides 7. Lecture: Finansing

7. Lecture. CONNECT Denmark.  Henrik Brorsen

Slides 8. Lecture A. Market research & analysis

Slides 8. Lecture B. sales & marketing

Slides 9. Lecture. Intellectual Property Rights

Slides 10. Managing a High-tec Venture

Course round up

Slides 11. On exams


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