Course 42435
Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
DTU Master Students 2010
pdatet: 24-02-2014

Lectures on  Mondays 01:00 pm.
Location - building 308 room 12
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Evaluation form: <CLICK>

Idea catalogues: check DTU CampusNet course 42435

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Roskilde festival entrepreneurs guide <CLICK>

Roskilde festival entrepreneurs appetizer  <CLICK>

Social entrepreneurship course at MS <CLICK>

Østerbros energiforbrug skal ned <CLICK> E'ship and inventor competition inviting DTU students to join

Start a global company <CLICK> A seminar on 16 November 2010 for international students living in Copenhagen and thinking of starting a business from here

Develop Prize invitation: <click here>

On VESTAS globalization: invitation: <click here>

Friday Bar at CBS, 19 November 2010 <click here>

Venture Cup calls for ideas DL 29 November <CLICK HERE> and <HERE>

Course - & teaching-materials

Textbook: Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2008. Buy it online: click here

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Hand outs & slides
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Course Manual 2010

Lecture Plan

Business Plan Samples from MootCorp NP competition, USA

Business Plan Template (Dorte Wiene)

Business Plan Template John Heebøll)

Slides, 1. lecture. Introduction

Venture Cup 2010

Sliedes 2. lecture: experiences

Slides 3. lecture: Creativity

Slides 4. lecture: Business Planning. Dorte Wiene

Slides 4. Lecture: Business Planning. John Heebøll

Slides 5. Lecture. Business Law. John Heebøll

Slides 6. Lecture. Budgetting. John Heebøll

Slides 7. Case: LincomA/Sl

Slides 7. Financing. John Heebøll

Slides 8. CONNECT Denmark

Slides 8. Vækstfonden

Develop Prize 2010

Slides 9. Market analysis. John Heebøll

Slides 9. Sales and marketing. John Heebøll

Slides, 10. lecture: Intellectual property rights

Novelty search links and methods

Slides 11. Managing a high tec venture

Lecture 12: CASES. confidential material on DTU CampusNet.

Slides 13. Rounding up 42435

Slides 13. Exams


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