Course 42705
Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
DTU Ph.D course 2013

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Updated: 24-02-2014
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John Heebøll
DTU Management Engineering
Building 426, DTU
4525 4677   2049 7789
johe <att> dtu.dk

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Business plan examples from graduate courses


  1. Calculation of an equity investment with two share classes

  2. Complete budget simulation of a start up

  3. Net Present Value Calculation

     Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2011 <CLICK>

Documents and Uploads

  1. McKinsey "How to write a Business plan

  2. Business plan template  Dorte Wiene (MS word format)

  3. Business Plan Template John Heebøll (MS Word format)

  4. Michael Porter's Five Forces

  5. Three cases

  6. Business Model Canvas




  1. Endomondo

  2. LogBuy

  3. EnCode

  4. Mingoville

  5. BluePrinter


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