Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship
DTU Ph.D course 2011

Updated: 24-02-2014
Lecture room: room 119, building 427. MAP here Google Street View: here
Tuesdays 5 April through 24 May, 01:00 pm to 04:30 pm

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Fill it out and return to johe <att> before Wednesday 6 April 2011 12:00 noon.

DEADLINES: Submit business plan before Monday 30 May, 11:00 pm.
EXAM: Friday 03 June.

The course aims at developing the Ph.D. student's entrepreneurial mindset and skillset by providing portable and practical knowledge within opportunity driven creativity, business modelling, business planning and financing.

Course specs:

Text book
     Knowledgebased Entrepreneurship, John Heebøll, Polyteknisk forlag 2008.
     ISBN 13: 978-87-502-0996-6     ISBN 10: 87-502-0995-5
     Buy it online: click here

Documents and Uploads

  1. A brief introduction to 42705

  2. Course Manual

  3. Lecture plan

  4. Exams manual

  5. Exams plan

  6. McKinsey "How to write a Business plan

  7. Business plan template  Dorte Wiene (MS word format)

  8. Business Plan Template John Heebøll (MS Word format)

  9. Michael Porter's Five Forces

  10. Three cases


  1. Calculation of an equity investment with two share classes

  2. Complete simulation of a start up

Business plan examples from graduate courses

Course teaching materials:

1. Lecture

2. Lecture
    Opportunity driven Creativity
    CONNECT Denmark Springboards etc. 

3. Lecture
    SEED Capital - coming soon
Rasmus Bjarngaard

    Financing - JH

4. Lecture
    Vækstfonden v./ Ulrik Jørring

    Business planning - JH
    Budgetting - JH
    Budget spreadsheet model - JH

5. Lecture. 10 May 2011
    Business Law - JH
    IP - Patents - JH
    Market Analysis - JH

6. Lecture. 17 May 2011
    Sales and Marketing

7. Lecture.    24 May 2011
    Course round-up
    On exams

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