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Updated: 27-01-2010
DTU Patent Course 2010

For PhD students at DTU. KU and Lund.  Limit: 30 students.
Sign up: fill out the ID form and return it to johe<att>man.dtu.dk

Group assignment and group list: click here

Location: Build. 427, room 119: click here for map

Course plan: <click here to download>:

  1. Tuesday 12 january           IPR Legal basics.
       a. Introduction: click here  
       b. Pre-readings:
    click here
       c. Slides from PVS: click here
       d. What is a patent? Hegner-1: click here
       e. Inventive step/International treatises. Hegner-2: click here
       f.  Infringement and strategy. Hegner-3: click here
       g. Differences in national rules. Hegner 4: click here

  2. Wednesday 13 january       IPR Patents
     a. The structure of patents - Erik Sigh: click here
        b. Hand outs from Erik Sigh (zipped):  click here
        c. Patents in the business system of start-ups:
            John Heebøll slides: click here

        d. Patents in the business system of universities: Kasper Kläning slides: click here
        e. Patens in the business system of an industry: Preben Rasmussen, Novozymes slides: click here

  3. Thursday 14 January          IPR Agreements
    a. DTU dept. of Research & Innovation slides (Louisa Greve Finkelstein): click here
        b. Federation of Danish Industrialists (Kunal Singla): Slides: click here
        c. Agreements in VC backed start-ups (John Heebøll): click here


  4. Tuesday 19 January           Novelty search session
        Internet databases 2010: click here
        - On patent search 1: click here:  Search & Classification
        - On patent search 2: click here:  Structured Search


  5. Wednesday 20 January       Commercialization: license track
    Commercializing IPR by TTO A/S: click here

  6. Thursday 21 January          Commercialization: start-up track
    - High tech high-growth business formation in TT. (JH): click here
        - SEED Capital Denmark cases: click here

  7. Tuesday 26 January           Cases
        - IP transfer from academia to Novozymes: click here
        - Individual inventor support (DTI): click here

  8. Wednesday 27 January       Group presentations
        - Assignments: click here


Contact johe <att> man.dtu.dk for further information

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