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Updated: 14-01-2015

Course 42799   S-2015
DTU Patent Course  2015
For PhD students   Week 3, Monday, 12 January to Friday, 16 January 2015

Building 324 room 050   - on Wednesday14 January: building 358 room 006

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- To DTU PhD fellows primarily
- Also hello to PhD students from affiliated universities
- Also hello to scholars and TT officers from DTU and affiliated universities
- Also hello to a few external peers with a specific interest in university tech trans.

Course calendar
The course runs in week 3, 2015 from Monday 12 January to Friday 16 January, both days included

Course objectives:

  1. To give future researchers insight and training in technology transfer, to enable them to work efficiently together with tech-trans specialists for the commercial and industrial implementation of research-based knowledge and inventions.
  2. To develop insight in industrial business systems that will allow a researcher to work in an industrial R&D context.

Course specifications: 1 week, 3 ECTS concentrated course on commercialization of technology and research based inventions, including intellectual property rights, patent law, licensing principles, rules & agreements in university-industry collaboration, intra- and entrepreneurship, business formation, cases and more...

Target groups
This is a DTU Management Engineering generic course for

  1. PhD students and other affiliated Phd students
  2. Innovation responsible DTU employees and managers
  3. A few external guests according to available seats in the lecture room

1. Via STADS - or -
2. By direct contact to johe@dtu.dk
All participants are requested to fill out the course ID-form ( link) and mail it to johe@dtu.dk

Recommended - not mandatory:pre-readings:
"Inventing Entrepreneurs"  Technology Innovators and their Entrepreneurial journey. Gerard George, Adam J. Bock. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-157470-0, ISBN-10: 0-13-157470-1. Authors note: " -- to provide direction, guidance, and insight to faculty members and students interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial path". Including central chapter: 4: Technology Licensing, chapter 6: The Entrepreneurial Academic and chapter 8: Sample Journeys.

TBuilding 358 - room 6

Base material


Hand outs
Jan 2015

Course admin
John Heebøll        Logistics & external lecturers
Lars Alkjærsig   
 QA, contents

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